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  1. Classifieds
    Hey fellas, posted up a couple weeks ago and have a price update on five dozen Big Foots and an H&H 6 x 12 trailer. Asking $2200 for the trailer and $250/dozen for the decoys. The oldest Foot is 3 years old and the trailer is a 2006. thanks.
  2. Classifieds
    Any interest in this call? I bought one in mid November and just dont use it as much as my other two. It sounds great and is in great shape. I have the black one. $130 tyd
  3. The Lodge
    In the past we only hunted marsh's and lakes. We started this year hunting the Missouri river. I have a 16 ft extra wide boat with a pernament blind with a 25 horse outboard. The blind is very heavy. I am considering taking off the pernament blind and putting on a pop up blind. I love my...
  4. The Lodge
    I'm still sticking to my guns that the big push happened the week of Vets day. Whats everyone else think by now that things are starting to freeze??? I'm not saying that there are still not ducks up north yet, but I'm saying 85% have passed. Just talking ducks, not geese.
  5. The Lodge
    Whats everyones thoughts?? My guess is that 75% of the ducks have already passed through. Now I'm talking my experience on the NE side of Iowa. We always hope for the last big push. Most the time we just dont see it. I hope I'm wrong. Whats everyone else think??
  6. The Lodge
  7. Northern Zone
    just wonderin if anyone has been out on big marsh and been shooting anything lately. I'm a student at UNI and was lookin to go out early next week. If you have been out there what area of the marsh have you seen the most activity? Thanks
  8. The Lodge
    Does anybody know what the water is like at Big Creek? (Besides wet I mean.) Had heard that it was down.
  9. The Lodge
    We would like to let everyone know that has joined up with and the Brannen Family You can see their show on Sports South on Tuesdays at 2:30PM/EST. Also on Versus Channel Thursdays at 12:30PM/EST. They have a great show, which is about Making Time for Traditions and getting family in...
  10. Vendor Deals
    Here is part 1 of the 4 part build project of the Phowlers Boats new Big Water Series boat. I will post the others when the come available. The last video was just shot last weekend so there will be a couple weeks btwn videos for Eric to do the editing. The last video was of a Vetrans day...
  11. Northern Zone
    Hi all, I am from the central Iowa area and was wondering if anyone had any info on Big Wall Lake area conditions. Habitat, duck population, water levels, etc.. Anything would be helpful. Thank you!
  12. The Lodge
    I'm sure it will be a Zoo 12:00 a.m. saturday morning who's going there? I dont bother with that place until the fairweather hunters are gone! I'm gonna try some fields to stay away from the skybusting crowds on public ground!
  13. Conservation Forum
    3rd zone boundary line question. If the 3rd zone boundary line went south down route 29 just past Omaha what would be your suggestion for the boundary line going east and then south to Mo. State line? This 3rd zone would have a duck season that would be 5 days to 7 days later then the present...
  14. The Lodge
  15. New Member Introductions
    I have lived in Colorado for the last 40 years, but used to hunt Big Wall and Elm Lake back in the late 60's when I was going to school at Iowa State. I am going to be back in Iowa in late October and would like to retace my steps and hunt these lakes again after 40 years. Would it be worth it...
  16. Classifieds
    21 full body big foots they have the older non flocked heads. They are in good shape $250 obo
  17. Ducks Unlimited
    Big Marsh Ducks Unlimited will be hosting a Waterfowl Hunters Party again this year. It will be held at the Aplington Rec Complex October 13th, 6:00PM. A letter was sent out with the date being September 15th, which is no longer correct due to scheduling conflicts. Decoys, Guns, and Hunting...
  18. Waterfowl Q & A
    Who do you think will win the Big 10 this year. I am not naming the long shots, and not naming the 2 that already lost.
1-18 of 84 Results