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  1. Gun Rack
    I am looking to buy a used shotgun before next waterfowl season and have it narrowed down to 3; SBE II or Super Vinci from Benelli or the Beretta Extrema2. Which would everybody pick and why? *Sorry meant Vinci, not Nova
  2. Gun Rack
    I have an Xtrema II that I love, but after seeing one of these on their website, I think it is going to find itself up for sale next spring. Take a look at If they're half the gun that my Xtrema is I will be happy.
  3. Gun Rack
    For the guys that shoot the beretta extrema 2 which shell shot the best and which choke tube work the best?
  4. The Lodge
    The season is over but the fun still remains for photographers. The past sunny morning, I was out shooting the camera at the co-op buffet the geese have been enjoying the past few weeks. Surprising the smart little suckers didn't come as close as I thought they would so I didn't get the shots...
  5. Classifieds
    Lto R Northwind "decoy" New , Patternmaster used , Haydel DPX Long Range used , Beretta USA Full Steel used , Terror .700 used Looking for trades for duck calls etc. Gander Valley Homewrecker ,C&S calls, Lares, Stranglehold ,Zink ph2-DM or open to other offers . I would throw in cash for right call
  6. Gun Rack
    I know the battle is ever ending on which one everyone thinks is the best, in my opinion to each his own whatever fits you the best and whatever is in your price range. I have always been told though that the benellis were so much lighter because they are recoil operated and not gas operated...
1-6 of 6 Results