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  1. Sports Talk
    New Retractable Roof for Bears Stadium
  2. Sports Talk
    f'n Bears fans.....
  3. Sports Talk
    Here is your spanking Detroit. :D
  4. Sports Talk
    Bears still suck AJB :p
  5. Sports Talk
    Not sure if this is a great pick up or not. I guess time will tell. They traded Greg Olsen for a draft pick which seems dumb but that doesn't seem to suprise me anymore.
  6. Sports Talk
    Ravens owner Bisciotti criticizes McCaskey family - NFL - Yahoo! Sports No suprise here.
  7. Sports Talk
  8. Sports Talk
    Breaking News - Bears' QB Cutler to be Replaced Next Season
  9. Sports Talk
    Packers -vs- Bears prediction Packers win by 7 points.......and the total score, added together, will be more than 40 points.
  10. Sports Talk
    What more could you ask for? Bitter division rivals playing for a chance to play in the Super Bow., I know I am excited. I won't even bother doing any trash talking because I know SBE II will do plenty of that for the both of us. :P
  11. Big Game Forum
    Deer hunter fights off 4 black bears in Michigan October 12, 2010 Chad Fortune says he can't recall all of the details. But he remembers lots of yelling (his own) and snarling (from the bears) and frantic flailing with fists and feet as he fought off two black bears among a group of four that...
  12. Sports Talk
    after a couple of surprising wins, my bears looked like their old selves last night....i was getting worried that they would pull out a half ass good season and hold on to lovie for one more year...i say either play well all season, or fall apart right now so we can get a new coach!
  13. Sports Talk
    The Bears and the Packers are tied in the division....who woulda thought :?:
  14. Sports Talk
    Easy win for the Packers, they win by 10. My number is 9 this week
  15. The Lodge
    do it!!! 17 ints cutler!
  16. Sports Talk
    enuf said!
  17. Sports Talk
    Easy win for Green bay this weekend at Lambeau :D Packers win by 7
  18. Sports Talk
    Lost their first game. And so did Dallas! This could be a great year. GO PACK GO!
  19. Sports Talk
    Well, so much for him goin to the Titans... Kyle Orton and two first and one third round draft pick... Here's your franchise QB AJB. Hope he doesn't cause drama if he doesn't like the coach! :roll:
1-20 of 23 Results