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  1. The Lodge
    My brother just gave me a call and told me about this. Im guessing its in the eastern portion as said it was spotted along river. Also ok to shoot it. Dont know if anyone else has heard this at all. Personally i dont understand the killing of it, but i guess with pheasant weekend coming up...
  2. The Lodge
  3. The Lodge
    Last night we got a phone call at 10:00 pm stating our son had just been mauled by a bear. His girlfriend was out hunting deer with her bow and he went to pick her up and he waited, waited, waited and she never came out, it was really getting dark and he was very concerned for her safety, so he...
  4. Big Game Forum
    2011 Bear Baiting Pics on WI site 2011 Bear Baiting Pics | Wisconsin Waterfowl Hunting Community
  5. Gun Dog Forum
    We just got our portrait of our black lab bear, who died in March, back from the Framing company. We got it just in time for what would have been his 12th birthday. If anyone wants info on the artist, you can pm me and I will forward the info to you.
  6. Sports Talk
    Put up or shut up. As I said in a previous post.....I'll be taking all bets against the Packers this week. Wouldn't want anyone to think I wasn't a man of my word. Sooooooo.....all you cocky and proud as a peacock Bear lovers. How sure are you that your team is that great. Make the bet...
  7. Big Game Forum
    Potential World Record Bear Killed in Pennsylvania Monday, November 15, was a good day for David Price of Barrett Township, Pennsylvania. He was hunting north of Fernwood Resort in Pike County when he killed the 17-year-old bruin and had the hunting encounter of a lifetime. According to the...
  8. Surrounding States
    Hawkins teen kills 711-pound bear on family farm Sept. 25, 2010 Hawkins â€" Dexter McKittrick already had a full day by most measures. The 17-year-old had done early-morning chores on his family's Rusk County farm, attended 11th-grade classes at Flambeau High School, gone to football...
  9. Big Game Forum
    Applications...Maintaining relationships...It has to be done I finally drew a kill my first kill tag and went fullbore at bear. I have lived and breathed bear since February. I have made the trek 2 plus hours north well over a dozen times since July 1st. I ran three stations, but only 2 had...
  10. Big Game Forum
    :lol: Sorry for so many...but I think they are pretty cool. Lots of small bear hitting my bruisers yet. Weather is cooling down nicely now :D
  11. The Lodge
    BEAR SPOTTED: A young black bear has been seen in the Buchanan County town of Jesup Shelly MacConnell says her daughter, Megan, took a picture of the bear as it was walking through the back yard of their home on Jesup's northeast side. MacConnell says the bear began its trek through her yard...
  12. The Lodge
    Just found this in the WFC Courier. Just talked to my brother he is up on our land north of Nashua and hasn't seen him yet. Would be neat to see though. If you read the article the person who wrote it doesnt know their counties very well. NW of Nashua is Floyd not Bremer...
  13. Classifieds
    I have a Bear Instinct Compound Bow like new. I bought it this yr. since the waterfowl season was poor but only hunted once with it due to the length of harvest. I have only drew it back maybe 10 times practicing. It is set at 70 pounds and at a 28 inch draw length. I have a Tru Fire release...
  14. The Lodge
    Canadian Bear Warning Sign
  15. The Lodge
    Bear Makes Beer Run in Wisconsin Saturday, October 17, 2009 HAYWARD, Wis. â€" Shoppers in a Wisconsin grocery store got an unexpected surprise when a 125-pound black bear wandered inside and headed straight for the beer cooler. The bear stopped Friday night at Marketplace Foods in Hayward...
  16. Surrounding States
    Here are Pics of the Huge 457# Black Bear that was shot in LadySmith WI by a women (no name??) on opening weekend of the Bear hunt this year. MONSTER Bear for sure !! (sent to me on an e-mail)
  17. Big Game Forum
    Bear kill in WI
  18. The Lodge
    Bear sighted in Winneshiek County By JANELL BRADLEY, Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier Correspondent CASTALIA — The Winneshiek County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed the sighting of a large black bear Monday. Officials noted the bruin appeared healthy and was acting appropriately as it...
  19. Waterfowl Calls & Calling Forum
    Anyone on here besides Al and myself going to this on Saturday in Mankato? Any of you northern Iowa guys going? It'd be a short drive for ya'll.
1-19 of 21 Results