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  1. The Lodge
    Had a nice little hunt on new years day.
  2. The Lodge
    we fell 1 short cause we were band hunting tonight
  3. Waterfowling Stories
    hey guys this is a paper I wrote for an english 150 class this week. It is about water-fowling so i thought somebody might enjoy it. Not my best work but i should get a decent score on it. There is some bit of doctoring up to it (i had to keep it interesting) but the basis is factual and my...
  4. The Lodge
    Well boys , today was a good day we ended up one away from a 3 man limit and mikie even killed a band(that we should of cut in half :shock: ) We hunted the same pond that we hunted opening day last year on and we have had over 100 birds there.. the birds worked pretty good as we only put out 18...
  5. The Lodge
    We started the year off with a good shoot today. The birds were skittish but we were able to get some to finish with some contented calling and decoy adjustments. The Spread Bad Decision Fellas Mike with his first band The bag with some fat honks The days are flying by...
1-5 of 6 Results