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  1. The Lodge
    Buddy of mine shot 3 neck collared geese in 2 shots 2 of them were consecutive numbers. Whats the chances of that? Anyone else ever done this?
  2. Waterfowling Stories
    Found a couple thousand geese below a nothern small town. Had permission to go down along river, 3 shots and bam!! 3 bands, should've bought a lottery ticket. Sad part is after I was done, 500+ greenheads were above me on the river in town(of course). Went back tonight for the ducks, 6 showed...
  3. The Lodge
    Has anyone noticed that every young goose they shoot and is banded has a brownish colored leg band on it? and it eventually turns to a "normal" shiny silver after wear on your lanyard? how bout your older birds, are they ever brown? example: the past 5 or 6 birds that my group shot and they...
  4. The Lodge
    After some scouting yesterday the huntin crew is going to be hunting just adjacent to the DU sponsored Goebel Ranch in South Dakota. I looked the site up on DU and apparently they have banded over 14K+ ducks there. Has anyone recovered bands from this area? The scenery is amazing with rolling...
  5. The Lodge Item # 250750809177
  6. The Lodge
    Nice hunt this morning ,shot some ducks then these 3 came in , all banded in manitoba ,pretty neat deal
  7. The Lodge
    what is the site that you can turn them on????
  8. The Lodge
    Our group usually gets (if lucky) one band a year...I was wondering how many some other groups got on average a year??
  9. The Lodge
    This was posted on another forum, thought I would share it with everyone. You can look up a species and see where bands were harvested, even by state and year. I think it would be cool for anyone...
  10. The Lodge
    well after 3 different laser guys and over 4 months i have finally got the bands back from my guy that did all of my stuff years ago.. they turned out great for what they had. i did a drawing of the way i wanted it and it turned just like i drew it.. tell me what you think,, wife says kinda...
  11. The Lodge
    No need for further words the link will tell the story.. :roll: :roll: :evil: :evil: :cry...
  12. The Lodge
    Just curious as to how many people here have been lucky enough to kill and banded bird duck or goose.
  13. The Lodge
    Why do alot of hunting website's that sell decoys or calls aways have pictures with bands or neck collars? It takes no skill to get a band or a neck collar, its more luck or money.
  14. Outdoor Photography
    Reward mallard Ken Fink private duck band from Indiana. Duck was hanging out in here in Iowa banded drake Another drake The one I like most Some geese This guy was way up there. Not a great picture but you can see his band. Got more goose bands but seen one seen them all...
  15. The Lodge
    ....for 2 of my good buddies this morning. We killed a limit of 6 but I shot my 2nd bird after we took pics because one of my buddies had to leave. 3 came in and we each shot 1 and my buddy Trent's bird was wearing iron. Then a loner came in and I let my other buddy, Matt take him and he was...
  16. The Lodge
    I have a very stupid question but just need to know.. I just got my Heavy Hauler Limit Supreme in the mail and added my calls. How do you guys put your goose bands on?? I have used the old single strands before and just took my call off and slipped it on.. Do you use screwdriver and open up the...
1-16 of 17 Results