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  1. The Lodge
    A buddy of mine was trying to find two crippled geese that we lost out at Coralville on Thursday, and he noticed something shiny in one of the disked fields. He dug it out, and it was a goose band. He has to be the luckiest kid I have ever met. Both of the geese we lost were banded. (I was out...
  2. Vendor Deals
    Hey guys after 10 yrs in the outdoor/waterfowl business we finally decided to put out our first DVD. It's shipping to retailers and online orders as well. Special priced at only $10.99. I hope you'll all give it a try. Enjoy. Heavy Hauler Outdoor Gear Thanks, Jason
  3. The Lodge
    Guys today it was birds migrating all day long and we had alot of fun calling them in.
  4. The Lodge
    and this is what it looks like.....but in a goose field.
  5. The Lodge
    Only killed one bird today but it was a good one....
  6. The Lodge
    I like all types of music, I'll listen to anything. If I had to pick a band that I go back to all the time it would be Pink Floyd with best albums being ( A Momentary Lapse Of Reason and Division Bell). OK bring on the haters. Whats your favorite?
  7. The Lodge
    Zink's new video!! It looks pretty sweet and the song is good!! The Band Hunters 24-7 Promo The Band Hunters Song
  8. Classifieds
    Located in Urbandale. Interferance green zink money maker for sale. Hunted one season. Zink camo flex fit hat NEW and red zink leg band as part of the deal. $90 takes it all. No trades and pick up only. Questions let me know Thanks, Dave
  9. The Lodge
    Just what it says...people love to flash the bling, but for me i care less about the band than i do where the bird came from, or how old it is. the first goose we ever shot was banded, so that was pretty neat, but other than that, the only other band i shot was banded by big creek...i was...
  10. Field Hunting
    Adam, my buddy Steve, and I went out on a field in WI and got our 6 with 1 band and 1 farm cross. Band and Farm Cross Steve and his dog Adam and me
  11. Surrounding States
    Few things get more high fives, pictures and stories amongst waterfowl hunters than taking a banded bird. Duck hunters everywhere fondly remember their first band or a unique story of a band they collected, but few hunters get the opportunity to see how banding is done. Join members of Delta's...
  12. The Lodge
    Adam was with me when I got it!
  13. Bird Movement
    Here is the site where you can report your band other than just calling it in.
  14. Conservation Forum
    Check this link out pretty interesting.
1-14 of 19 Results