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  1. The Lodge
    Bad dog took me hunting to a "secret spot" and we were rewarded very nicely! One of the most enjoyable hunts I have been on. Picking out greenheads and drake pinnys(should had a couple more lol). Heres to hopefully more hunts. Thanks bud!
  2. Sports Talk
    FOR HAWKEYE FANS!! Gonna miss the CU rivalry game but I have a feeling this new rivalry is gonna get good. GO BIG RED
  3. The Lodge
    Which dvd would you recommend? I have about 1.5 months experience with a short reed call and was taught by the cd that come with my goozilla call from RNT. I'm one of the types that absolutely loves to hunt things I can "talk to"....ducks, turks, and now "gooses". I have the turks and ducks...
  4. IAW Bar & Grill
    Just got the bad news......
  5. The Lodge
    Was getting ready to head out on the river, was going to start the motor up while on the trailer, and hooked to the truck. Motor had a hard time cranking, used a propane heater to warm the block a couple times. Must have been some fumes, battery or gas, and POOF, the fast grass took off,decoy...
  6. The Lodge
    Had a buddy have this happen luckly outside my boat chasing a criple. Not good but could have been worse. Mossberg 500 winchester experts. Only thing we can think happened was the wad didn't exit the barrel and he shot again after that. We don't know but I think winchester and mossberg is...
  7. The Lodge
    well I got called off work last night so a last minute scramble and decided to hunt a sandbar on the Elkhorn River in Nebraska. Ended up with 4 wigeons & 2 woodies. Saw about 100 or so ducks but almost all of em knew exactly where they wanted to go. We were really hoping for honkers but didnt...
  8. The Lodge
    Well the season started off good in September, had some rain in October, November was mild and December was filled with cold and snow. The duck season was about as poor as I've had but the goose season made up for it alittle bit. Got to enjoy some new company in the field but you won't find...
  9. Southern Zone
    Wish we could've found some Mallards in the fields around here. Instead we chased honkers. We ended up with 2 honkers and 2 ducks Sat and 10 honkers and a duck today. Saw no migration of ducks. Saw some Snows yesterday and a lot of migrating honkers today. Wish I could be out the next 2 days...
  10. Classifieds
    Upgrading to a 2010 Model All Electric 4x4 Utility -10" Aluminum Rim and Tire Pkg was a 700.00 add -Optional Battery Fill System was a 300.00 Add -Very Low Hours Features- A Picture $6950.00 email [email protected] Located in La Crosse WI area serious inquiries only.
  11. Southern Zone
    We decided to hunt water for ducks again today. And not sure why but Sundays have been better for us. We ended up with 9 today. 7 Mallards and 2 Gaddies. They pretty much shut by 830 though. HAd some real nice flocks of Mallards work and work and work. Kept trying to get them in and sit and...
  12. The Lodge
    Well gents...that night (Monday) could have ended in tragedy. I was duck hunting out the the Res in Johnson County and was having an awesome short from a limit and the sun had to go down..packed up my stuff and headed for the ramp at Babs. With the rain and wind..I actually missed...
  13. The Lodge
    I always thought soccer was borning untill this! :D
  14. Predator Hunting & Trapping
    (Not my pic) He's seen better days... Excederin headache
  15. The Lodge
    well as allways it seems i see more geese while im deer hunting.. I have seen 5 bucks in the last 3 nites and 3 of them have been shooters.. the 2 the other nite wouldnt come another 2 steps... then tonite the one was only 10' from my stand and it looked up and..... BUSTED !!!!!! I have seen...
  16. Trade or Swap
    I'd like to go over the Bad Grammer DVD's. I have a VHS of Duck Calling 101. Would be willing to pay shipping if someone would send Bad Grammer up to Minnesota.
  17. The Lodge
    Even when you are having a really bad day, someone will still try to screw you Never give up
  18. Trade or Swap
    Looking for a good duck calling dvd to watch to help with my duck calling weakness
  19. The Lodge
    Flash flood watches going out and its flat getting it on. Fingures crossed for our local honkers. Haven't seen any mallards on nests yet but I know they're getting it on, with their courtship flights going on over my house. It will be interesting to see what this spring brings.
1-20 of 25 Results