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  1. The Lodge
    This place has been kind of boring since Greentops got the boot. I'm thinking you guys shouldn't be so hard on the beav. Bullcan has gone into a state of depression not having someone to pick on. Damn it there I go again :stirthepot:.
  2. The Lodge
    He hasn't even got to change mallard26 name yet!!!
  3. The Lodge
    Well I convinced a couple buddies to head south for one last trip of the year! Headin down to OK next Tuesday for a 4 day hunt. Thinkin we're mostlikely going to just target some pretty ducks but who knows when we get down there!! I'll be sure to take some pics for you all to enjoy!! Hopein I...
  4. Conservation Forum
    Bellow is some information about the Attack that is going to be made on Iowa Sportsmen & Dove hunting. This is also my letter to you to advise that you contact your legislative Representative or Senator who represents you in DM at the Capitol. Tell them to deffend Iowa Sportsmens Opportunity to...
  5. Taxidermy Forum
    Hey guys just got out of an intense rehab stint im better now so i can share my words of wisdom on this site. woodsman :cool:
  6. The Lodge
    Got back last night from the annual trip to The Pas Manitoba. My 7th time going to the area. The weather was less than ducky the first few days with temps in the 80s but we shot our birds every day. Despite no migration the birds were thick up there. They had ALOT of rain this year and the lake...
  7. The Lodge
    I'm back!! Started the 2009 season like any other with the pure passion and crazniess that is waterfowl hunting. Season was great at the start hunting with the guys from Loch'm In frequently, by the end of Oct 2009 I was out of unemployment and had finally started working again after a year...
  8. The Lodge
    Get over it. Let me recap Helped someone out who couldnt do it on his own They ended up with a large group right next to my spot Somone from the group called my landowner and offered him 4500 for my spot. He took it, I lost it as I would not match it I will smile in the end...
  9. The Lodge
    Hey Guys, Well got my internet back. Since they were saying that the world was going to end back in May I quit paying my bills so the cable company shut off my internet. The bastards charged me 50 bucks to hook it back up. Told them that i thought the world was ending so i wouldnt need it...
  10. Classifieds
    I have roughly 30 Deadly decoy back supports. I no longer need them & wanna get rid of them. Would work great if u plan on making ur own or need some extras in case some break. All u pay for is shipping.
  11. Conservation Forum Once Again folks OUR Iowa Dove Hunting Bill is back on the table. Make sure to drop your legislative rep and e mail in support of Dove Hunting in Iowa.
  12. Taxidermy Forum
    Well, Cory called me today to tell me he has my end tables done. Now I just have to find the time to go get them. I will post pics when I get down there to get them.
  13. The Lodge
    Just pulled this card on a camera tonight.....would you go back into this area?
  14. The Lodge
    Well got back from ND today. Not a bad hunt but certainly been on better. I really wanted to go for a full week but my buddy that wanted to go could only get a couple days off of work so I drove all night and a buddy I have up there had a field lined up for us on thursday mornin ( thanks joe)...
  15. The Lodge
    Hello everyone as you can see I am back in the saddle again. Kind of glad to be back home. I wish to post to let you know that after midterm elections are over I will be posting about some serious opportunities that we will have before us as waterfowlers and wetland conservationist. I have been...
  16. Sports Talk
    after a couple of surprising wins, my bears looked like their old selves last night....i was getting worried that they would pull out a half ass good season and hold on to lovie for one more year...i say either play well all season, or fall apart right now so we can get a new coach!
  17. The Lodge
    so in a sort of split second decision when our lease came up for renewal, we have made a big decision...we are moving back to iowa! work is not as productive in chicago as we have needed it to be, so rather than trying to tough it out for another year...we are moving somewhere we both like and...
  18. Mud Motor Talk
    thinking about buying a Fat Boy and putting a 5.5 mud motor on the back. how well would that work out!?! havent ever used one before!
1-19 of 51 Results