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  1. Decoy Forum
    I had a problem with some of my Tanglefree fullbody goose decoys after their first time out. So I called them and explained what happened, they asked for pictures so I sent them. A couple days later they responded and said they would send out 6 new decoy as an exchange. That wasn't what I...
  2. Field Hunting
    Wednesday started off normal with school and hanging with friends when I got a call from my buddy saying he locked up permission for a field holding 500 Canada's a dozen Specks and 2 Snows. He said early that week that if he got this field it would make his season. With those words in my head I...
  3. The Lodge
    Got a sneak peek of Lock'M In Waterfowl's Turkey video and it is top notch!! Looked very well done and the guys seem to really put there heart into it. Can't wait to see what can be put together ths coming season!!! Excellent work guys!!!!!
  4. The Lodge
    I would have crapped in my pants and pissed myself :lol: :lol: :lol: Watch "Lion Hunting"
  5. The Lodge
    I was at Scheels Sat night and wow they are changing things around, anyway went back to the waterfowl section and they had 2 silo satchels and they were out of the plastic bag, nothing wrong with them at all. I picked them up for $15 each. One Avery and one Final Approach, I fit all my Snow...
1-5 of 5 Results