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  1. The Lodge
    how does it feel that your one good player, during your best season in over 25 years, cheated? hahahahahahahh :cool:
  2. The Lodge
    ATTENTION YOUNG HUNTERS! Come to Brown’s Lake on Sunday afternoon to learn more about hunting ducks and geese! Conservation Officer Steve Griebel will be conducting a program on waterfowl identification, the regulations affecting waterfowlers, and also offer duck and goose calling tips! If...
  3. The Lodge
    Attention all waterfowl hunters and other hunters. Our wintering wetlands on the coast are in trouble if we do not look at this problem seriously it could mean bad things for our waterfowl ecosystem, that means no waterfowl for hunters that will be hunting these birds that will migrate through...
  4. The Lodge
    Since this is only about an hour North of the border, some of the guys here may be interested in attending. So just a friendly heads up is all. Duck Commander commands attention “Duck Commander” Phil Robertson of Monroe, La. will be in at the Mankato, MN Scheels Store, Saturday, Aug. 1...
1-4 of 4 Results