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  1. The Lodge
    The US Armed Forces recently annouced an early retirement bonus for those who qualify. The deal was that those who accepted would get $1000 for every inch measured between any 2 points of their body. The first to qualify came in and elected to have the distance from the top of his head to the...
  2. The Lodge
    Armed Citizen update 01/24/09 His luck apparently on the wane, an alleged serial burglar was committing his latest heist when two armed citizens fired shotguns. Police say the fleeing suspect broke into a nearby residence where 11-year-old Nicole Mendolia was home alone. A concerned neighbor...
  3. The Lodge
    During the decades the American Rifleman has published “The Armed Citizen” column, thousands of incidents of law-abiding Americans using firearms to halt or prevent crime have appeared in the magazine. Editorial space allowing, the total could have been far greater of course, as...
1-3 of 3 Results