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  1. The Lodge
    So on my bucket list is to hunt ducks in Arkansas. If you haven't already and its not on your list it should probably be added. I have an easy semester of classes this fall and if I can find somewhere that isn't totally booked I want to make the trip. So where should I go? Anyone have names or...
  2. The Lodge
    Not good... Complete hillbillies!
  3. The Lodge
    I have lived in Iowa my whole life, but I will be relocating to NW Arkansas in June. Any of you guys have some tips where to hunt down there? Any help would be great. Thank you!
  4. The Lodge
    Here are some pictures from our Arkansas hunt this past January.Hope you like them.Im the guy on the right.
  5. The Lodge
    Heres your chance, Arkansas on Jan 9-11
  6. The Lodge
    I just noticed they lifted the spinning wing decoy ban --->
1-6 of 6 Results