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  1. Conservation Forum
    Please send your emails folks as crop management does help attract birds and hold birds and does help a little offset some cost associated with refuge management we other wise would have to dig into our own pockets to provide.
  2. The Lodge
    Helping your areas homeless shelters guys. I donate all my geese to the areas homeless shelter and families in need food bank. All you have to do is breast your birds out and wash them down and bag them. Then bring them to your areas food kitchen or homeless shelter. It is a great way to help a...
  3. Gun Dog Forum
    I live in Dubuque and was just wondering if there are any wetland areas to train around here?
  4. Gun Dog Forum
    I live in Ames and currently don't have a fenced in yard for my dog. I'm thinking about going to a local baseball diamond with a closed fence surrounding it for training work. Has anyone ever done anything like this or know if I could get in any trouble doing this.
  5. Southern Zone
    Went down to Hartford and Swan areas this past weekend and both areas are full of water. You can put a boat into both areas if you wanted to. It will be interesting if they get the chance to fix the levees and road. They will not be planting any crops in either area nor the Swan Refuge. It...
  6. Southern Zone
    Hey, does anyone know how to get ahold of Chuck Kakac? I have been calling the number they have listed on the Iowa DNR website but I keep getting a message from the cell phone company that says the number is unavailable. I was wanting to know if they are going to fix the levee at Big Hartford...
  7. Southern Zone
    Hey guys, newB in the area, I didnt get to bring my bow with me to school so it looks like I'll be duck hunting all fall-I'm wondering about locations of walk in areas that wont put water over my waders, not asking for someone's hot spot-just an area to start looking at? I've looked at Hawkeye...
1-7 of 8 Results