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  1. New Member Introductions
    Thought I would say hello and tell you a little about myself. Recently moved here from Florida to NE Iowa. Been out of duck hunting ever since we made the great migration north and its killing me. Buddies,Blinds and honey holes...
  2. Gun Dog Forum
    We will be bringing our GSP pup home in about a month and being a first time dog owner I'm looking for a vet in the Grundy Center area. Does anyone have anyone they'd recommend?
  3. Northern Zone
    I'm new to the area. I leave in farley, IA where is the closest or prefered area that you hunters like around here. Have my own boat but would like to know where I should launch and try
  4. Mississippi River Zone
    Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and relatively new to Iowa hunting in general. I'm 21 and I grew up hunting in Illinois with family and friends. I live and hunt in an area that is 20 minutes south of Joliet, IL and surrounded by the Braidwood, Dresden, and Lasalle nuclear power plants. This...
  5. The Lodge
    Hey, Duckslayer and I are going out tomorrow on my boat, and we have room for another if anyone wants to jump in. I'll be heading from the Des Moines area, and he'll be going from the Ames area. If you're from either area and are interested, shoot me a pm in the next hour or so. We'll be...
  6. Mississippi River Zone
    I was wondering if anybody here hunts the Clayton or Guttenberg area or even Harpers ferry? If so I have some questions. Thanks
  7. Southern Zone
    Didnt have a bad day today down around the Riverton area. We killed 9 ducks 5 min after shooting time and had 1 more come in at around 10. Ended the day with 10 ducks and I honker
  8. Southern Zone
    I am an avid duck hunter from Arkansas, potantially looking into taking a job in Johnston. What is the closest duck hunting to the Johnston/Des Moines area? I could hunt public land, but prefer private (e.g., lease. I posted this in the 'Northern Zone' thread, I hope that is OK. Thanks...
  9. Northern Zone
    Hi all, I am from the central Iowa area and was wondering if anyone had any info on Big Wall Lake area conditions. Habitat, duck population, water levels, etc.. Anything would be helpful. Thank you!
  10. Northern Zone
    Anyone have suggestions where I could take my 11yr old son for youth season around the Vinton area. Would like to take our sneak boat we just finished building. I haven't hunted this area for at least 20 years. Is this area usually packed during regular season? We mostly hunt south of HWY 30, so...
  11. The Lodge
    Hey guys, talking to my buddy on how to set a blind at a spot we were going to hunt, and i have look at the rules, but still dont know if we can or not. We were talking about taking some fence post and some burlap material from bass pro and using it as a make shift blind, we would pack...
  12. Southern Zone
    I am bored at work over my lunch break thinking about hunting obviously. I am curious to know how many people around here hunt the CB area and what your numbers have looked like the last few years. I have been hunting a private farm pond about 20 miles northeast of CB the last few years. Last...
  13. The Lodge
    guys, i know there are a million of them. anybody have a go to gunsmith for shotguns? i have a choke that refuses to come off my benelli and i leave down less than a week away...
  14. Classifieds
    My buddy has a few pups left and asked me to post them for him. So call him with any question. His name is Craig. Here is the info. Plus I have attached the pedigree info for the parents.
  15. Field Hunting
    Has any one been scouting in the Waterloo area lately or hunting it Woundering if they are still in the fields and around sense last Saturday?
  16. Gun Dog Forum
    does anyone know of any kennel clubs around the waterloo area? i was tired of spending money on other people and not on myself so with the money i had left over i said screw it. im going to pick up my black lab pup tomorrow morning. im kind of a novice when it comes to training dogs to duck...
  17. Northern Zone
    is any one going to be hunting around here saturday morning it will probably be my last morning out for the season and i have really no where too go so if any one needs too keep a seat warm in the boat or an extra gun in the field let me no
  18. The Lodge
    Any body been hunting down south? Saw a few thousand mallards at Forneys
  19. Northern Zone
    And want an extra gun along? I will be up there visiting my sister for thanksgiving, and with the birds coming in, wouldn't mind doing some hunting if anyone was going out and had room for another. Let me know.
  20. Waterfowl Q & A
    I just started waterfowling last year so I'm fairly new to the sport. I have one spot that I go to, and am looking for alternates, considering my usual spot has been dead lately. I live in Des Moines. Anyone know of good spots or marshes around here (I don't have a boat, so keep that in mind.)...
1-20 of 38 Results