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  1. Classifieds
    Looking to pick up a couple used Final Approach Sport Utility blinds. Don't have to be in new condition, but don't want junk either. Color doesn't matter. Let me know what you have.
  2. Hunting Gear
    Anyone on here use one of these? Dont wanna spend the money on a Gerbings so I am kinda debating on gettin one of these hot seats. So basically I am lookin to stay a little warmer in the blind without spending a bunch of money. Thanks Guys
  3. Field Hunting
    What is the best approach to scouting. I haven't hunted geese since I was 16 and I would really like to get back into it again but not sure where to begin with scouting. I know I need to put the miles on the truck to find the geese but how far out should I start scouting? Many evenings I...
  4. Classifieds
    I have 20 FA's that are about 5 years old used for 4 seasons.. 3 or 4 of them need some attention the the back side paint. others have normals wears of decoys of 4 years. All have flocked heads. This would be a good spread for someone look for quantity. or someone just looking to get into...
  5. Decoy Forum
    What are the opinions on the FA lessor full bodies. I need about a dozen more full bodies to finish our spread and completely fill the truck bed to the top of the topper. (literally) I was thinking lessers to get a few more numbers. I have some Bigfoot B2's and like those but the FA's are...
  6. Hunting Gear
    Hey I was looking for a little input from you guys. I bought a FA Eliminator Express but wasnt all that impressed so I sold it and I am now looking to buy either a FA Pro Land'r or a FA Sports Utlility Blind. Any other suggestions on layout blinds or any reiews on one of those two? thanks
  7. Hunting Gear
    Final Approach Foiles Prairie Eliminator Express Blind List Price: $149.99 Sale Price: $89.95 You Save: $60.04 (40%)
  8. Hunting Gear
    Final Approach Blind Hot Seat, 1st time I have seen this. Upon compression, its styrene bead padding naturally generates heat, creating the ultimate layer of comfort between you and the ground. A must-have for any cold-weather ground dweller...
  9. Hunting Gear
    Final Approach Foiles Prairie Eliminator Express Blind $99.95 new
  10. Decoy Forum
    just bought a couple of FA 6 slot bags for a good price. does anyone know the dimensions? figured i could use them for FB mallards and some of the avery lessers we have...
  11. Hunting Gear
    Final Approach Closeouts
  12. Hunting Gear
    Final Approach Max4 Eliminator Sport Utility Blind Regular Price: $259.99 Sale Price: $159.00...
1-12 of 12 Results