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  1. AJB

    IAW Bar & Grill
    Was that you driving the motorcycle today??
  2. The Lodge
    at a football game. Great job guys, nice danceing to Flagr in the white.
  3. The Lodge
    AJB, ever hunt here??
  4. AJB

    The Lodge
    We got the DVD today and its AWESOME :D thanks :!: :!: :mrgreen:
  5. The Lodge
    AJB, this was the woman on the field with Wired on the hunt with us this morning?? She was part of the filming crew. It was really nice to get filmed on a hunt (hopefully with the sun in our direction, they couldn't film us) too bad we sucked :lol: Shoulda called in sick today, decent hunt...
  6. The Lodge
    And I thought you were a Ford guy? The amount of customization on your rig is sick! PURE dedication! How many CB's you got in that thing?
  7. The Lodge
    I would like to be the first to thank and recognize Adam for the dubious honor of #1 peace maker on this site, that most of us frequent.... Even though adam has blinders on and can't see the truth...... we all apreciate the effort in building a platform that we, as waterfowlers can give him as...
  8. Sports Talk
    How's the Cubs doing AJB?? My Brewers are still in 1st place :D At least you guys are above 500
  9. The Lodge
    :lol: :lol: :lol: HI ADAM
  10. The Lodge
    Lots of fun w/ the litlle {little one} I love the last one.... {you been farmin long?}
  11. The Lodge
    AJB's new deer stand
  12. The Lodge
    Make sure you give him some hell, happy b day Adam.
  13. The Lodge
    Kinda craving some stinky urine. Gotta be close probably next week.
  14. Sports Talk
    So are your Bears gonna cause a big upset this weekend they face my Titans??? Or Will Tennessee continue to run through league? I will say that I don't think that they thought the packers were gonna be so tough last weekend either so we'll see how they fare in the cold weather in Chicago
  15. The Lodge
    Found this picture of AJB plowing a field while his new bride helps out:
  16. Decoy Forum
    I am looking for the best deal on some feeder decoys would really prefer GHG either Canadas or Lessers. I found a 3 pack of Lesser pro grades for $90 shipped and there progrades. I really would like to stay around a $120.00. Thanks For your Help
  17. The Lodge
    Here is that Colorado chicken I mentioned last weekend: That is a much younger and skinnier me! :lol:
1-17 of 21 Results