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  1. Field Hunting
    Anyone want to join, looking for one or two, two already going for sure
  2. The Lodge
    Last evening we went out in Aberdeen for an afternoon goose hunt. The guys I was hunting with haven't hunted much with "trained" dogs so I was showing them my dog's blind retrieving and they made the point that if a flock shorts us that I could send my dog "Deuce" to get them up. Little did we...
  3. The Lodge
    I am gunna go out solo at my lease just outside of omaha if anyone would like to accompany me? Let me know. Thanks
  4. The Lodge
    Anyone wanna go thats close to the dsm area ? Cant promise a bunch of ducks but I am sure we will see plenty. PM me I would like too leave around 3:30.
  5. Turkey Forum
    I'm still trying to get a 2nd season bird. IS there anything different to do in the afternoon, than in the morning?? I had 5 toms in my general area sun. a.m. but went off with hens or just didn't want to play. grrr
  6. Fishing Forum
    Gave these guys some fresh air to :lol: 25 Crappy
  7. The Lodge
    I saw big groups of snows on the move this afternoon. It started about 3:15 and went all the way up till dark thirty. Also saw a few big groups of honkers roll in from the north. Didn't see a dam duck all day long until 3:30 pm. At that time I saw the most ducks I have seen all season long...
1-7 of 7 Results