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  1. The Lodge
    Think there is any value of adding a trade or swap forum seperate from classifieds? There are several guys who trade calls mostly but also look to swap a gun or decoys etc. This way guys looking to trade have a place to post seperate form the others and guys who like to trade items have a spot...
  2. The Lodge
    Got a real nice Hay bail blind will sell you cheap...Might want to make up your mind..Cal is really thinking about it
  3. The Lodge
    here is your shirts you wanted... :lol: :lol: Mikie dont mind wearing his..
  4. The Lodge
    I bet that will hold those Dakota FBs Perfect.
  5. The Lodge
    Hey i hope you have a big pole !!!(guys might feed off of that :twisted: ) they are biting good this is the smallest of the night... :D
  6. The Lodge
    well we killed 31 geese in 2 days.. we had all the prostaffers up today and we were done in less than 1 hour... Fergie got one more band today adding to the one we got yesterday!!! one form IL and one from WI... both young birds banded in 2008... :lol: Adam tried like heck to get a band but he...
1-6 of 11 Results