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  1. Hunting Gear
    Got 'em right in the "Meat Hole"
  2. Conservation Forum
    You guys wanted to know how to help, here you go. You have to follow the issues folks and jump in the game. Protect Iowa's Soil and Water in the Farm Bill Restore the Conservation Compliance CovenantTake Action! Calls and emails needed by Tuesday Nov. 1US lawmakers are currently proposing major...
  3. Conservation Forum
    Emergency Action needed by every last one of us to counter Governor Brandstad's latest public announcement on the formation of a southern basin Missouri River State Coalition Group. Folks we cannot allow this to happen. Governor Branstad suggests that our interests in the Mo. River as a state...
  4. Conservation Forum
    Early today I submitted an amendment proposal to counter legislative moves to cut REAP funding to IDNR. A long time ago the IDNR had a Park User Fee. This park user fee helped the IDNR with management needs of our recreational state parks. However this park user permit fee was taken away under...
  5. Conservation Forum
    As most of you know, HF45 was passed in the House and now has been kicked over to the senate for debate. If we wish to protect our ability and our Conservation Constitutional Amendments purposes, we must rally together and ask our Senators to strip out the provision that seeks to strip our IDNR...
  6. Gun Rack
    I grew-up shooting a pump and has always been my gun type of choice. I shoot a Remington 870 Anybody else use a pump out in the field?
  7. Southern Zone
    Didnt quite get as many due to some bad called shots by me but managed to pull out a couple!
  8. Conservation Forum
    Please Support Native Prairie and Wetland Conservation Native prairie and wetlands in the Prairie Pothole Region (PPR) of the Dakotas and Montana are known as "America's duck factory" because they support the single largest concentration of breeding waterfowl in the country. Duck hunters and...
  9. Conservation Forum
    This weeks request for this months action on the state habitat stamp tax code problem. Everyone please send another e mail out to [email protected] and advise him that as an Iowa sportsmen that you want our habitat stamp fees being invested on the Iowa landscape with federal...
  10. The Lodge
    38 second mark is the best! How about a staged youth turkey hunt...
  11. Conservation Forum
    ACTION NEEDED - RESPOND BY WED, MAY 20 The Iowa DNR has extended the public comment period until May 20th on their proposal to lower recreational use protections for 119 stream segments in 58 of Iowa's 99 counties. Your emails are needed to make sure the final DNR recommendations accurately...
  12. Conservation Forum NATURAL RESOURCE COMMISSION [571] Notice of Intended Action Pursuant to the authority of Iowa Code subsection 455A.5(6), the Natural Resource Commission hereby gives Notice of Intended Action to amend Chapter 52, “Wildlife...
  13. Surrounding States
    Hunted my Nephews blind on a public lake this weekend and had a very good day 4 of us Killed 15 Mallards 11 Drakes 4 Hens 2 Gaddies & 3 Blue bills.
1-14 of 14 Results