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  1. Big Game Forum
    A 50-year old Kelso man has died in what authorities call a freak bow & arrow hunting accident, according to a report in the Longview Daily News. The report says 50-year-old Benny White of Kelso was fatally injured Friday while hunting near Toutle, Washington with a friend who was behind him at...
  2. Sports Talk
    Tiger Woods hurt in car accident in front of his Florida home Much remains unclear about the 2:25 a.m. crash and why he was out at that hour. The golfer's wife uses club to break a back window to get him out of car. The initial media reports that instantly spread around the globe sounded dire...
  3. The Lodge
    Teen hurt in Waverly-area hunting accident WAVERLY— A 16-year-old Dumont boy is recovering from injuries sustained late Saturday in a raccoon hunting accident near Waverly, state conservation law enforcement officials reported Sunday. Mathew Allen was pursuing raccoons with a group of...
1-3 of 3 Results