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  1. The Lodge
    And assuming there is a 60 day season. Is there rules as to how the seasons will be set. The objective is to get a later season. BUT... can someone make a move and go the oposite direction to purposly upset the apple cart? Thus makeing it look like this.... Duck season close..... North...
  2. Conservation Forum
    If Iowa was to implement a 3rd Waterfowl Hunting Zone along the Mo. River valley, What would be your suggestions as to the Boundary lines? What County do you reside?
  3. The Lodge
    When we are in jeporday of losing our two seperate zones we have?????? I am starting to think that some may be using the loss of our two zones as a smoke screen to advance a personal agenda of a MO valley zone. We should be circling the wagons around our north and south zone campaign but...
  4. Conservation Forum
  5. Snow Goose Reports & Information
    NW Missouri March 3rd thru 6th (Our IL forum)
  6. Fishing Forum
    NORTHWEST Crawford Creek Impoundment There is about 12 inches of ice. Anglers have been catching decent numbers of panfish through the ice. One group reported harvesting over 80 bluegills, 8 to 9 inches in length last weekend. Bluegill - Fair: The best bite is in the early morning. If...
  7. Fishing Forum
    NORTHWEST Brushy Creek Lake There's good ice on most of the lake, but stay clear of the dam. Fishing has been slow. Bacon Creek Lake The DNR released 1,500 rainbow trout on January 8. Ice is at least 12 inches thick. Anglers need a trout stamp in addition to their regular fishing license...
  8. The Lodge
    Just trying to get a feel for who would support a 3rd zone along the Missouri River. The zone would boundaries would be Highway 20 (northern), Highway 59 (eastern), Missouri State Line (southern), Missouri River (western)
  9. Fishing Forum
    NORTHWEST Crawford Creek Impoundment Fishing is going strong at Crawford Creek. Channel Catfish - Good: A lot of channel catfish were caught last weekend. Fish were biting on just about anything but night crawlers were working the best. Bluegill - Good: Try using small jigs with a wax worm...
1-10 of 10 Results