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  1. The Lodge
    width 80" length 16'mod v bottom motor well and cosole with decoy shelves.The price for the boat is 10,250+tax with the Galvanized trailer. The trailer can be a 2000 lb trailer or 2500 lb your choice. That would also be with spare tire. Boat includes camo duck blind, bilge pump and console with...
  2. Surrounding States
    hey 10 15% off price 3306910530 I am in the mood to make someone happy!!!!! :D :D
  3. The Lodge
    Arrow Hey this is randall patrick owner of swamphogboats llc . Is there anybody interested in a boat out there. We custom build modified v hulls and flat bottom with modified V's . I have been going the thicker aluminum and getting great results/feedback. ( this boat will actually last you a...
1-3 of 3 Results