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  1. Sports Talk
    The NFL on Wednesday fined Minnesota Vikings' quarterback Brett Favre $50,000 for his "failure to cooperate" with the league's investigation into allegations that he sent inappropriate text messages and lewd photographs to Jenn Sterger, a New York Jets' game-day employee, in 2008. The NFL said...
  2. The Lodge
    Officials Plan to Eliminate 170,000 Canada Geese in New York It’s a doomsday plan for New York’s geese. A nine-page report put together by a variety of national, state and city agencies shows that officials hope to eventually reduce the number of Canada geese in New York to 85,000 from...
  3. Mississippi River Zone
    244,000 cans in Pool # 9 (closed) on 11/02/09
  4. The Lodge
    I'll take the wait and see approach. Not the prettiest gun I ever did see but as a waterfowler.....who needs pretty.
  5. The Lodge
    hey guys,,, it is amazing how many hits i have had on my web page... i'm allmost at 10,000... i'm trying to think of a give away for the 10,000 hit.. but dont know how or what to do... i will think of it for a few weeks.. any ideas??? Tim
  6. Surrounding States
    Minnesota Duck stamp sales under 100,000 for 1st time in 20 years. The trend is disturbing. For the first time in 20 years, Minnesota has sold fewer than 100,000 state duck stamps. The Department of Natural Resources has sold 95,467 licenses in 2008, and the duck season is over. Last year, it...
  7. The Lodge
    FAIRFIELD -- Eighty-year-old John McBride whooped it up Tuesday when auctioneer James Julia announced the winning bid of $800,000 for McBride's great-great-uncle's Colt Walker .44 revolver. "Yee-ha," McBride yelped, waving his cowboy hat. McBride, from Montana, will get the lion's share of that...
  8. Turkey Forum
    Spring Turkey Hunting Draws More Than 50,000 Despite Poor Weather Posted: June 3, 2008 CHARITON - The winter that wouldn’t end is the likely culprit for a decline in the number of resident spring turkey hunters, and in the number of turkey license sold. Overall, nearly 52,500 spring turkey...
1-8 of 9 Results