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  1. stumaas
    02-10-2018 07:28 PM - permalink
    Taxi ... another thought,

    There are days along the Missouri River in the fall - later November & December, when we will see 200,000 birds migrate past us in a single day. And in the spring - late February and early March, I have seen a million snow geese overhead in a single day. The sky will be filled, horizon to horizon, for an hour with moving waterfowl. Wave on wave ... all day long!

    Indeed, the Missouri River Valley seems to be a "mini-flyway" in itself ... like no other. North of Blair, Nebraska, is a small community of Tekamah. And east and northeast of Tekamah ... on the bottomlands of Nebraska and on the west side of the Big Muddy are at least 28 clubs. That is an area about 5 miles X 14 miles. Ralph Kohler was the Dean of Missouri River waterfowlers! I spoke with Ralph just before New Years to wish him a happy birthday. He turned 100! His wife, Dorothy is 98 and they have been married 84 years. Ralph was a commercial hunter until he was 95 and kept copious records of his days in his hunt. He once could host 48 gunners in 8 pits. He knows more about this valley and the habits of waterfowl than DNR and Nebraska Game and Parks put together. Ralph was amazing and is a member of the "Legends of the Outdoors". He would say that there needed to be a Valley Zone that was considerably later than the other Iowa zones and that waterfowl habits overall, were changing to considerably later.

    I am sorry that DNR is so "frozen in time" and reluctant to even try new things. I hesitate it to say, "They are lazy." but they are. They think they know better ... and they cater to the very occasional duckhunter ... the hardcore waterfowler be damned. IF you were in charge ... how would you rearrange the North Zone and what dates would you choose ... given that tens of other hunters might not like your choices!?

    Talk to me ...
  2. stumaas
    02-10-2018 04:58 PM - permalink
    Taxi ...

    Here is something more to think about ::: perhaps, with the state of technology being as it is, we could go to the concept of HUNTER's CHOICE.

    That is a concept where, given some constraints, every waterfowl hunter could choose their own dates -- between September 30 and January 30. September being reserved for the 16 day Teal-only season and a Youth Weekend.

    Possible constraints:
    1. Selecting your individual dates would be done by computer.
    2. Selecting would be done by 15 August
    3. To play in Hunter's Choice Program, it would cost another $100
    4. The period of choice would be from September 30 through January 30.
    5. Instead of 60 days (optimum season), the participant could select only 50 days total.

    So you could get your group together in early August, sit at the table and look at the calendar, choose vacation days for each player, and then choose the 50 days you all want to hunt. Then in turn, you go to the computer and input your choices, make the premium payment and get an official printout of your "Hunter's Choice" season.

    There could be a test season or two for say 500 selected waterfowlers ... chosen to test out the concept. For them alone - during this test season - there would be NO ZONES ... they could hunt anywhere in Iowa on the dates they selected. they would be required to input weekly to DNR their hunting experiences so tht DNR could develop a scientific quality data base.

    If the program works and it becomes a state-wide option, more hunters could participate. The regular zones and seasons set by DNR would also be an option, but there would be no switching mid-season.

    In South Dakota right now, out of state hunters can select their dates in that part of northeast South Dakota ... so if out of state hunters can do it by computer ... why could not Iowa figure out how to make it happen in Iowa ... and put the computer whiz kids at Ames and ISU (my alma mater '67) to work to write and test out the software!

    Think about it ... it would STOP all our complaining!

    Call me 402-679-6789 or 402-293-9235
  3. stumaas
    02-10-2018 02:41 PM - permalink
    Taxi ... greetings,

    You complain about the Missouri River Zone and wish it to go away because it spoiled YOUR season dates. That is too bad. Rather, I would suggest to you that the Missouri River Zone stay ... and that each of the 3 Iowa zones be treated entirely separate when setting the dates for each respective zone! In other words, if the NORTH ZONE folks want their dates to be November 1 through December 30 ... that would be fine and I should have absolutely nothing to say about it! Nothing! If the South Zone wants November 10 through January 9, again fine! I should have nothing to say about it. Likewise, if either North or the South Zones want September 1 through October 30, then FINE again ... I should have nothing to say about it. In other words, speak only for your respective season and please not complain about other zones dates. I would say that as for the Missouri River Zone, the duck dates are too early by 3 weeks or so ... open the first split around 15 October for 9 days and then close the second split on 2 January, and count backwards the 51 days to determine the second spilt opener (that would be around 11 November :: VETERAN'S DAY). Whatever the rest of the state and its two other zones do should be none of my business; DNR should set the dates for each zone totally without regard to any of the other two zones whatsoever ...

    IF you and the Noth Zone folks want your duck season in June and July ... I do not care; if you want it in December and January, I do not care --- I have no right to dictate what you guys want and I have no genuine insights upon which to make an input because I do not hunt in your zone ... even though I own land and huntable waters in the North Zone, west of Hampton. However, because I do hunt the Missouri River Zone and because the two most populating species are Blue-winged Teal and Mallards (that come mostly after 20 November and stay the rest of the winter), then the season for this zone only should be set around those numbers. In the last 20 years as cropping methods have changed in the Dakotas -- having changed from grasslands and wheat ... to corn and beans ... the Mallards and Canada geese stay in the Dakotas until their food sources are really covered by snow ... and then finally, they migrate south along the Big Muddy. And they go no further south than the reach of the river from Mound City to Sioux City - they do not go much further south, 8 years out of 10, anymore ... because the river stays open and there are at least 200,000 acres (out of over 400,000 acres west of I-29) of corn and beans upon which to feed. So that is why the Missouri River Zone should be later ... and if as you say (and rightly so I believe) that the dates in the other zones like yours, ought to be pushed back ... then if I were King, I would do it in a half-heartbeat! Hunt ducks - where the ducks are - when the ducks are there! That should be the guide for DNR.

    Sad though ... "DNR does not like waterfowlers ... you complain too much; you whine too much; and you cost too much!" Carl Priebe, SW Iowa DNR Biologist Retired.

    DNR, besides not liking waterfowlers, is also lazy and does not want to change ... after all, that might just require that the COs would have to be out in colder, nastier weather and that would be a shame.

    In my humble view, to get the season dates changed in your zone, at least 20 of you (representing three or four hundred north zone duckhunters), should descend on Clear Lake all at once and in 3 hours, make it clear to Orrin that you are by God, serious that you all want later dates!! and then send a letter signed by all twenty, to the governor and tell her that DNR is not listening! Perhaps when she tells Gipp to get on it, then DNR, Todd Bishop now, will make the changes to your zone. You see, Bill Smith formed the Missouri River Waterfowlers Association - with well over 200+ members - and went to Des Moines in person many times, and talked to them straight in their faces. He calls them at least every week and I have also written them, talked to them face-to-face and been to NRC meetings over 10 times. Bill is at the north end by Sioux City and I am at the south end, west of Hamburg. And we have contacts who hunt up and down this river. We have the Mo Rvr covered. Call me and I Will be happy to discuss your thinking and what to do ... 402-679-6789 is my cell and 402-293-9235 is home.

    Thanks and take care.
    Stuart Maas
    08-17-2016 05:12 PM - permalink
    I watched all of that...... still wordering why.
    01-28-2016 09:47 AM - permalink
    01-22-2016 03:17 PM - permalink
    only see black- no workie
    08-12-2014 02:15 PM - permalink
    hahaha 21 foot paa kerrrrr.... that's what that was.


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