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1100 Remington Man 09-10-2019 02:50 PM

DIY Caribou 2019
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I did a DIY Caribou hunt this year a first for me. Never been to Alaska before so this was a first also, many lessons learned and many memories.
I also saw some very impressive country. I also was in on some historical flooding North of the Brooks Range and was rained on 9 out of 11 days but even on rain days we could get out for some time between the heavy rain, temps 30s mostly, couple days low 40s. The worst weather on a hunt I have ever had.
It sure tested our gear, and staying dry is also keeping your self alive.
Two Men were Flew out the day of hyperthermia we were flown in and the look on there faces was in shock and disbelief and traumatized. They were Cold.
On the Tundra a quality Tent and Cots, synthetic sleeping bag is Mandatory.
I was able to bag one Caribou at 290 yards with one shot for a high double lung shot with my .264 Win Mag and Nosler 130gr AB bullet at 3199 FPS which he folded in his tracks.
I had a Wolf tag but never seen any, but when I went to score my Caribou with a B & C scoring sheet and cloth tape measure a Grizzly had claimed it and buried the carcass to preserve it and keep the birds off.
I did see it a couple days later at the kill site, awesome animal. While I hunted Caribou he Hunts everything, up there you always carry a gun.
Now onto hunting Iowa for Pheasants & Waterfowl and Deer. Hope you all get to see a couple Great sunrises and bag a bird or two. Good Hunting.

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