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Tomcat 11-02-2014 08:46 AM

Unique observations
As we patiently wait for the big push this year I thought it would be fun to hear of some unique things we have seen during a hunt. Doesn't have to be this year.

We had 3 otters swim into the decoys this year at the woody hole. Very cool, they stuck their heads up and looked at the decoys, squeaking to each other in talk that only an otter could decipher! Finally mother otter barked at them from a nearby willow patch and they obediently left us.

We also had a pileated woodpecker fly directly over our blind and crossed the bayou in front of us. We hear them a lot but don't see them that often.

A couple of years ago at Red Rock Boxcars we had 7 deer swim up to the spread. One of the guys had a deer tag and was fervently going thru his bag to find a slug, and the boat owner was hoping he didn't! He didn't want the bloody carcass in his blind! He did not find a slug.

Anyone else?


Mid-Am Waterfowler 11-02-2014 11:05 AM

Re: Unique observations
Bob Nagel and I were hunting a TINY pothole in the Sandhills once, and four swans came over the ridge like B52s and locked up... landed within 25 yards and stayed for five or seven minutes before flying out. Amazing to see such huge birds that near, and to have them land and take off in such a tight space. But they did, with ease.

Killed sharptail grouse and pheasants out of the boat blind in W. Nebraska, as well. Grouse aren't very waterproof, we found out! They look like a wet cat.

In high school, a buddy and I were playing hooky one day at Fountain Grove, real early in the season, and were napping at midday when we heard a loud THUMP! on top of the pit roof. Naturally, the first thing we thought was that somebody from school had tracked us down and hit the roof to spook us. We jumped out to look and all we found was a newly-dead Canada goose on the ground behind the pit . Apparently somebody elsewhere had put some pellets in it, and it finally ran out of hydraulic fluid right over our blind and fell. Weirder still was the fact that it was the only goose we saw that day!

Another day of hooky during a lull at midday, we were jacking around with the shotguns, wondering if you could kill a duck one-handed, pistol style. We hadn't seen a single duck or goose for two hours. Instantly a lone drake mallard appeared, low, right over the blind. My buddy Corey instinctively snapped a one-hand shot with his 870 ... killed the drake dead as a doornail! We laughed for days about that unlucky duck. We both tried several more times to kill ducks Pistolero-style. But we got nothing but sore wrists before giving up.

I wasn't there but another friend killed a nice gobbler out of his permanent duckblind in NEMO one morning, years ago. Fool thing flew across the lake and right over the blind, and he just happened to have a fall turkey tag.

A group of nine deer ran thru my decoy spread at Overflow NWR early one morning in SE Arkansas (flooded oaks). THAT will get your blood pumping!

In that same area, I saw what I thought was a muskrat swim thru the spread. Turned out to be an armadillo! Fiocchi ounce and quarter lead #5s put him under. He was banded! In fact, he was a Nine Banded armadillo. :cheers::drinking::drunk:

nobands 11-02-2014 11:19 AM

Re: Unique observations
Been very slow as far as the Ducks go.
So far the highlight of my season is also otters. First time I've seen in the wild. Had what I'm assuming was a family of 4, playing just past my spread. Man can they swim.

Mid-Am Waterfowler 11-02-2014 11:24 AM

Re: Unique observations
Tomcat... I hunt crows a lot, and several times have had Pileateds come right in to the E caller. Also have had several deer, a fox, lots of squirrels and bluejays and cardinals respond to the caller.

Bluejays and cardinals love a good fight, apparently, because they are almost always first on the scene when you start the racket.

WapsiDave 11-02-2014 02:55 PM

Re: Unique observations
Something I always find kinda funny, but not unusual is when I am field hunting, and a goose/duck sneaks into the spread and makes it's way around like it's mingling at a party. Last year we sat in our blinds and "narrated" the conversations when a goose walked up to within 20 yards of us among it's plastic cohorts. Sort of reminds me of a Daffy Duck/Elmer Fudd cartoon- sheeesh, nothing but a bunch of stiffs at this party! :lol: We had a cormorant that thought it was a goose one time too, lol.

ringbill 11-02-2014 06:03 PM

Re: Unique observations
Hawks taking birds. A bald eagle taking revenge on a crow. Otters cutting decoy cords. A deer falling through the ice. A coyote running buy dragging a jack rabbit. A coot dying of what I assume was old age.

I have seen some interesting things.

IAWTRFWLR 11-02-2014 06:14 PM

Re: Unique observations
That every time I pick up to go after waiting for hours that's when the ducks come in.

groundling 11-02-2014 07:41 PM

Re: Unique observations
Saw a pileated for the first time this year. The neat part was I was in a river bottom with old hardwoods. I thought of the deep south and the ivory billed. Made me think how cool that would have been to see them. I think like that when I see a large group of doves makes me think of the passenger pigeon. I guess that's what a history teacher does while he hunts sometimes.

WapsiDave 11-02-2014 08:05 PM

Re: Unique observations

Originally Posted by IAWTRFWLR (Post 539121)
That every time I pick up to go after waiting for hours that's when the ducks come in.

That's happened to us numerous times. One of the best was when it was foggy and we had time to dive for cover to bag a limit in under 2 minutes!

UIUhunter4 11-02-2014 08:05 PM

Re: Unique observations
My dad was telling me that while he was hunting out of the blind boat this morning a hawk came down and attacked the mojo around LST. Never seen that before! I've had deer within 10 yards of me wandering around playing in the water. Its also pretty neat to see a big buck swim across a large lake and all you can see is his rack bouncing across the lake.

Jbryan 11-02-2014 08:19 PM

Re: Unique observations
Hunting the Mighty Mo last season with the majority of the river flowing some serious ice, we had a weird beaver swim up to our decoys. He was in and out of the water around the decoys for about ten minutes before he decided to try and take off with a couple by the decoy line. At this point we got up and started trying to scare it off. Dang beaver wouldn’t leave. It hung out for the better part of an hour getting scared off then trying to come back and steal the decoys. We were thinking maybe it was sick ‘cause after a while it stopped running scared and would just stare at us. We poked it with sticks, threw chunks of ice at it and kept pushing it away. Finally it meandered down the river about 50 yards and just hung out there. We figured that was far enough and kept hunting. I’ve never seen a beaver so interested in decoys and unwilling to leave for so long.

groundling 11-02-2014 10:58 PM

Re: Unique observations
While eider hunting in Maine we had seals in the decoys. Last year in Texas we had dolphins chasing mullet in the decoys.

ghillie 11-03-2014 07:37 AM

Re: Unique observations
A turkey swimming.
A buck swimming.
I was also hunting during a very bad, cold Nov squall. After LST I was trying to get back to my truck and missed the drop zone. Turned around and found a flipped boat and four guys in the water.

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