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Advertising with IAW
Thank you for your interest in advertising with (IAW).

IAW is one of the largest duck hunting sites in the US. Delivering a million page views and one hundred thousand visitors a month. We're a focused team of people looking to improve the well-being and longevity of the sport. We pledge to donate a portion of advertising dollars to fund a project set by the community.

Why advertise with IAW?

-- Place your product or service in front of active sportsmen involved in the sport of waterfowl/the great outdoors.
-- Limited number of sponsors (we're only accepting a maximum of 10 sponsors).
-- Cheap and of quality, you won't find a better solution to advertising your business or service than here at IAW.
-- *NEW* Powerful advertising platform (hourly updated stats - manage ad with ease). Check daily impressions, clicks to your site (CTR), test different banners on the fly, pause or activate your campaign, and more).
-- Friendly, personalized support.

What do you offer?

-- We offer 10 total advertising spots (right of the site's logo, top right), split in 2 (5 and 5) in rotation.
-- We currently only offer a banner size of 468 by 60 (if you don't have a banner in this size, please don't hesitate to contact us, we'll work something out for you).
-- We don't charge for clicks or impressions.
-- Ability to add your website to your forum signature.
-- Post in "Sponsor News and Listings" with product/service information/updates.
-- Sponsor badge will be displayed under your username.

We're currently accepting new sponsors. Please contact us here.

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