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Default Product review and questions on a purchase

I bought two of the Altran (possible sp since I threw the blind's package away but close enough for my duck hunting friends) blinds to make the "Ultimate Waterfowl Blind" per the seller's claim. Got a great deal at Cabela's and had enough accumulated points that it was basically free so a risk free purchase. But in a nice surprise I could not be happier. Once grassed and rolled up, each side weighs about 30 lbs or so.

Framing construction once you get past the instructions which were written in Klignon is not only solid but after I figured out the configuration's logic can be assembled in the dark with high winds and frozen hands in about 5 minutes and attaching the blind material is similar in time and ease. Rubberized interior has paid off already as a morning hunt had a brief rain event and it performed well.

Only complaint is no dog door or visual for the dog---my Chessie is not happy with that. Will probably get some waterproof duct tape and create my own at some point soon. It is fairly large i.e. almost 10 ft long so you need an area where you allow for that but it handled uneven ground fairly well. I hunt a lot of big lakes and the lakeside usually has an area not to mention it actually gives the look that Okie lakes have with uneven foliage converage. Grassed it is a sizeable structure but down here tall grass, cattails or a type of pampas grass grows here and there.

On that point I ordered the new Tanglefree one man and a dog blind which appears to be perfect for all those weekdays I can't find company to hunt with. It does have a dog door which convinced me to pull the trigger despite the high price. Curious on input from anybody that has one?

I have been on a buying binge of waterfowl 'stuff' but like all shrewd duck hunting husbands I offset significant other issues with bribery. I fought the crowds to take her to the Apple Store and insisted she get the latest series 5 watch---If you are still shopping for a spouse they are pretty darn cool. I believe I accumulated enough points that my disappearance for days at a time through the rest of season should be covered.
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Default Re: Product review and questions on a purchase

thirty days later any report on your purcheses.bad dog
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Default Re: Product review and questions on a purchase

Since we are reviewing similar products i will throw my opinion out there as well for fellow hunters. I bought a rogers three man blind at the beginning of the season, and all I can say is that I will never use a layout blind again. The frame is really light weight, and breaks down super easy. Putting it together takes me two minutes tops, even in the dark. I wish it came with stakes to hold it down, as sitting in a flat cornfield with 25+ mph winds it will slide on you a little but thats an easy fix. Great Rogers gear as always!
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