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Smile St Hubertus

November 4, 2015 :: St Hubertus ... Patron Saint of waterfowlers on Iowa Waterfowler forum!

Hunting is my Life (on Facebook)
November 3, 2015 · Odebolt, IA ·

It's November 3rd and it is St. Hubertus (The Patron Saint of Hunters) feast day, a day that hunters celebrate all across the globe. This date was chosen because it typically represents the beginning of the rut. Read on for the legend of St Hubert........

The legend of St. Hubert… (really short version): Around 700 A.D., Hubert was hunting on a Good Friday instead of attending church with the faithful. The chase was on horseback with his famous hounds. Hubert came upon a great stag held by his hounds in a field. Drawing his bow, the stag turned to him and displayed a crucifix suspended between his antlers. A voice came from the figure of Christ and spoke to Hubert saying, “Hubert, unless you turn to the Lord, and lead a holy life, you shall quickly fall into the abyss of Hell!” Hubert went on to become bishop and the Patron Saint of Hunters. He was responsible for bringing the hunt to the church. After his death on May 30th, 727 A.D., a tradition was born…. When a hunter killed a deer, a knife would be placed on the wound and covered with its blood. With the blade three crosses of blood were traced on the hunter, one on the forehead, and one on each cheek. This Blood Rite was to symbolize Hubert’s encounter with the deer and the crucifix in its antlers and for the hunter to acknowledge receiving the saint’s blessing for the kill. #huntingismylife

My comment ::: I happen to know that there is somewhere an IAWaterfowler member who goes by "St Hubertus". And one of my favorite evening aperitifs is JAGERMEISTER … inspired by St Hubertus, and which we often enjoyed whilst I was flying in Europe and Germany -- to the point where
I often walked home on my knees! It is a favorite of German hunters during the "after the hunt celebration" -- which they rightfully take very seriously. I am enjoying a sip as I wright! So here's a TOAST to all our Iowa waterfowlers - be safe, have fun, and take a young folk hunting! Good luck!

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Default Re: St Hubertus

Thanks for sharing!!
Quote: This is just a hobby to pass the time. We are all self made millionaires that prefer the company of other smartas'd duck hunters like ourselves.
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Default Re: St Hubertus

Stu, I had my hunting horoscope done and found out my moons are aligned with a turd. Can St. Hubertus help me?
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