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Default Permission

Just wanted to share a little story and some advice to other hunters out there because I feel like waterfowl hunters have this problem more than anyone.

Recently, I gained permission on a pond I’ve hunted in the past (I ask for permission every year even if I had it the previous year). Knowing that other hunters had permission we showed up early to get a spot. Now the other group that had permission showed up late and really mad that we were there. I had every intention of asking them to just hunt with us but this guy was MAD. Saying things like “Are you sure you talked to the right guy?” “I’ve been hunting here for 3 years” “well We are going to set up on the other side of the pond anyways” “we have a huge spread so you probably won’t do good”

My point being, waterfowl hunters have a big competition to have the primo spots and there is always a kind of “hatred” towards other groups that try to impede on another’s spot or plans. Instead of kindly asking what the situation was, this bozo decided to try and puff his chest and bully his way into taking control over the ground. I run into these kind of people all the time who feel they are “entitled” to spots they have hunted before but in all reality the only true private late is the land you own and manage yourself. Just some advice to the rest of you out there maybe if you get beat out to a spot you wanted to hunt, ask the other group to hunt with them or find a plan b.

But DO NOT act your shoe size and not your age and start throwing fits that will ruin the hunt for everyone.

In the end we ended up shooting a 5 man limit and they shot one or two maybe. Could have hunted with us and shot another 3 limits easy.

Cheers and good luck
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Default Re: Permission

Funny thing is there are lots of great spots. Couple years ago I made it a point to hunt a different location on the Mississippi River for Fun.
Truth is I have always been able to get my share of the ducks anyway.
Showing Class is always the way to Go.
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