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Default Gator Tail Motor

We just recently purchased a 35 gtr xd. We are still in the break in period on the motor, but I was curious as to what I should expect speed wise out of this motor. We have it on a 1756 lowe roughneck modified v. Took it out this weekend and had been expecting a little more out of it, but didn't know if that's due to it still being in the break in period. You see videos of guys flying around with these motors while having multiple people in them and didn't know if anyone else had experience with these motors?
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Default Re: Gator Tail Motor

With a stock motor on a Modified V flat bottom with a light load I would be tickled with 24-27 mph. With a 3 person load 21-23 would be good. Really need to know what RPM your pulling at WOT and what gearing is in drive. A stock 12x10 Big Blade probably would be the best prop for that boat-motor combo. Hammer and the Three blade BPS-MB props I think would be to much for your motor on that boat. Need at lest 4350 RPM at WOT to handle those props.
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Default Re: Gator Tail Motor

Congrats on the motor; GTR is the only way to go!!! I think Denny is right on with the speeds for that rig. Transom angle and a smooth hull are important for surface drives. Lots of guys in the videos have their motors heavily modded (heads, exhaust, cam, carb, etc.).

I have a 2010 GTR (stage 1 mods) on a 1860 gatortail extreme (very heavy). Solo I can hit 29-30. Add another person and I loose 1-2 mph. Never put the gps to it with more of a load, but do know that three guys, blind and decoys, It will get on plane, but wonít set any speed records. Add a 4th guy and it is a turd.

Break it in and run the crap out of it.

Also, donít think the big blade will fit the XDs with the new shaft/grass cutter deal.
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