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Default Coons

Well After a weekend spent in southern monroe county and trips to and from the marsh I bet i seen 40 dead coons on the hiways and gravel. Seems like a bumper crop this year. Seen a couple of dead yotes too. seems like trapping and calling coons should be fun and lots of numbers this fall. Lets pray for some higher prices for our pelts.And while on the subject of pelts I have a niffty lil trick to bring you trappers a lil more cash that skin your own pelts.coons we all know are sold by the size and the determine the size be measuring the length of the pelt tip of nose too the end of the pelt. Well when skinning dont run your knife from vent too leg and follow the natural path just under the line where the long fur meets the short start your cut about an inch further towards the nose and stay an inch further in the short hair you again an inch and a in sometimes is all thats needed too change a medium coon to large and a large to a extra large!!! And can mean anywhere from 2-5 bucks a coon. And when your turning in 200 coon thats some major cash. I skinned coons at a shop and learned this thats how they turn your medium into a large and so on and so fourth. So if ya skin your own try this lil trick. also never sell bloody or wet furs even if you just skin and sell I wash mine in a old washer then in a old dryer I tumble them dry in crushed corn cobs and always comb out burrs the cobbs dry out the fur and make it super shiny!!! And will always bring you attention from a buyer!!
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My buddies new Foxpro has the coon fight on it!! I told him about your post and said we will try it.. He gave me his old Johnny Stewart just need to find a battery for it..
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