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Default Most unique band...

Just what it says...people love to flash the bling, but for me i care less about the band than i do where the bird came from, or how old it is. the first goose we ever shot was banded, so that was pretty neat, but other than that, the only other band i shot was banded by big creek...i was really bummed...but last year my cousin shot a goose in manitoba that was banded in nebraska. i thought that was kind of wild. also, once the group of relatives i snow goose hunt with shot a snow goose that was 13 years old. i told them that they didn't hit it, it just died of a heart attack because of all of the shooting!
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Goose bands are goose bands - they're a dime a dozen anymore for the most part because they're generally shot so close to their banding location. I couldn't even tell you where I shot my first one. We shot a pair last year that were extremely worn and faded - and very old. But I didn't take those home with me. My mallard bands on the other hand are pretty special and bring back some awesome memories.

2 of the 3 are fairly unique - but the stories behind them are what make them unique. I remember each day VERY vividly, not because of the bands, but because of what happened each day.

The Avise band was my first band. I shot it Halloween weekend with my brother at Otter Creek. We'd spent the night at my grandparents place and hit the road early. It was snowing HARD - a lot of slush on the road.
I believe CR received about 10" of heavy, wet snow that day that snapped quite a few trees in our yard and around the neighborhood. I couldn't have been more than 15 or 16 and that was the last time I remember having a measurable amount of snow on Halloween.

Visibility came and went with the wind and snow squalls but it was a fun day and I still laugh about the happenings of that day. For sake of the post - I'll shorten them all.

I took a dump near the ramp while we were getting ready in the AM - which my brothers dog ate later as we were loading the boat up to head out.

I snagged my foot on a submerged tree limb and took a header, soaking myself.

My brother smacked a merganser he mistook for a woodduck while I was dunking the snow off the dekes.

We watched a flock of about 300 mallards funnel down on a guy in Pool 4 - freaking world class caller that was hammering ducks.

The only flock of mallards we worked committed and we shot about 30 yrds. My brother dropped 2 greenheads and I knocked down a suzie (hell, I didn't know what I was shooting at). When Maty brought her back my brother was PISSED. Sporting a nice, shiney Avise band.

The Coots Unlimited back was also shot at Otter Creek. I drug my boat into 4a - was definitely not worth the effort.
I had a couple buddies meet me in my honey hole and it was only their 2nd or 3rd time hunting. We had mallards dumping in like crazy - working 6-8 different flocks of 1-300 birds that evening. Had mallards landing 3 feet from Josh as he's giggling in the cattails. I called the shot on a large flock of ducks and sat up in the boat. I dropped two greenheads with my first shot and a third with my 2nd. 3 greenheads with 2 shots - and when KC brought the last bird back I spotted the band. Coots Unlimited - Ashby, MN.
The band was probably the least memorable event of that day. Dragging that stupid *&*^ing boat 3/4 of a mile, watching the looks on my buddies faces as mallards were backpeddling only feet away and tripling with 2 shots all took precedent over that piece of metal.

The 3rd band I shot last November on the Sunday after I got back from North Dakota in a cut cornfield. I tried for a couple weeks to report the band to the private bander and when I finally got a hold of him I found out it was banded in Belle Plain with about 15 other birds - all of which had been running around his house only about 5 months earlier. It was the first band he'd had reported back of the birds he released. I got a picture of him as he was coming in ---- he's in there somewhere...see him?....the one with the band on his leg.

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Reminds me of the time my brothers lab ate his #2 and he didn't talk about it till the dog was done licking my face for a minute.
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nice pics gude.

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I was jump shooting a pond 4 years ago. There were 3 drakes and one hen mallard that got up. I noticed some bling on the hen so I shot her first and two other mallards. She was a 11 year old hen banded in Canada. That was pretty neat.

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