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Default Hunting hogs at night?

I can think of three options. The first one would be to get an NV scope, or even an IR. That's an easy way out, and one that is also very expensive. Which makes it the last resort.
The second one would be to get a scope that accumulates enough light to make it usable in low-light conditions. No electronics or, perhaps, almost no electronics. Better, but that still requires an investment, without any guarantees, I might add.
The third one is using a source of light pig would not be able to see. I believe hogs cannot perceive green light, but I'm not sure how that works in practice. Has anyone here hunted them like that? And does any kind of green light suffice?
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Default Re: Hunting hogs at night?

I have been hunting hogs in TX for the last several years. There are pros and cons to all options. I will do a quick run down.

Hunting with just a scope: This works fine as long as its a full-moon or daytime. Night cloud cover or fog will end your hunt if you don't have an alternative.

Hunting with a scope and a green or red LED light: This is one of the more cost effective solutions and a good starter. You definitely want some sort of bait and a motion light or motion sensor at the bait to let you know when to flip the light on. Although hogs can't technically see green or red light spectrum, they can definitely perceive the brightness, a flashing light, or a green or red LED that is being scanned or moved around. Time and again I have seen hogs bolt when this is turned on. Turn it on toward the sky, and slowly bring the light down on them while looking through the scope. Then shoot!

I am interested in a stationary LED always on set up, such as sold by TEXASBOARS.COM. These can be had for 500-1000USD and illuminate a broad swath out to 200 yds or so. I think that the stationary light is much less likely to be detected by the hogs. I haven't tried this one.

I hunt with a FLIR RS32 1-4power. It was expensive but increased my hog killing dramatically. I used to average a hog every 5-7th night with a scope and LED light. With the FLIR, I average a hog every other night, plus bonus coyotes, bobcats, etc. Although, not their top of the line scope, it is good enough out to 250 yds or so. After that, the 4power does limit you a bit and it can be hard to be certain your target is a hog rather than a deer. I don't take shots this long, usually unless its a sounder and easy to identify.

I have some youtube vids with the FLIR you can watch.

More to come as I have some editing to do yet.

Good Luck and Go Get ya Some!!

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Default Re: Hunting hogs at night?

I agree with above post. Hunted hogs in Texas last September. We hunted strictly at dusk and night and over bait. Was the first time I have night hunted and 1st time for hogs, so there was some getting used to. We used red LED lights that were very effective. Like above post, start them off in the sky and slowly bring them down to ground level, and this limits the spooking of the hogs. Worked very well for us. We initially tried normal LED lighting, and it was like the hogs knew what it was and scattered quickly, so infrared is def. the best option. Good luck to you!!!
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Default Re: Hunting hogs at night?

I shot eleven wild boar (Wildschwein) in Germany and Luxembourg while serving in the military in the 70s and 80s. Electronics were illegal and all form of light. I killed all eleven between 10 at night and 2 in the morning. All were killed between the moon's first quarter and third quarter. A very high thin overcast was best as it diffused the light and killed deceptive shadows. Snow was a help but not necessary. I used either a .270, a 7x57, or a 7x65R. The very best scope was a straight 8x56mm and supplemented with 8/56mm binoculars. All were killed within 150 meters. You could smell them. It was difficult shooting but not impossible. We always shot from a high seat. You only got one shot as the muzzle flash would blind you. With today's electronics it has to be a piece of cake.
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