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Default Re: Dogtra vs SportDog

I had a tri tronics that broke after two years, Garmin kind told me to pound sand. The tri tronics had a tone button that from age 6 months to 2 and a half years old. A friend gave me a dogtra to use that did not have the ton button but instead a vibrate. I used it for 6th months but it did not have the range I needed to train for HRC and I personally did not like not having tone. I finally decided to get a new one and went with 1825 sport dog. I have been told the customer service at sport dog is the best and the I wanted to get one that could handle more than one dog. I love having the tone and have not had any issue with my sport dog since getting it.
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Default Re: Dogtra vs SportDog

Originally Posted by mark l View Post
A dogs mind is pretty simple, they do not reason like you and I. If a dog breaks a minor command like "sit", is that a reason for a higher burn or a lower burn? Now lets say the same dog breaks on a bird, the dog still broke the "sit" command, correct? Now in our mind the second offense may be more severe, but in the dog's simple mind, the severity of the offense is the same. So does turning the collar up actually teach the dog the proper response or does it make the handler feel better? I wouldn't let number of stimulation levels be a pro or con on which collar I purchase. I would find the level the dog trains best at and stick with that.

I am on my third TT collar and the first two owed me nothing when they were replaced. I have never owned a Dogtra, but have heard good things about them. After all the negative things I have heard from friends of mine about SportDog, I would not purchase one of their collars.

If you're interested in Dogtra, I have a friend that is a distributor that may be able to get you a good price. PM and I will give you his contact info.
Mark - I dont use the dial so much to crank it up or down based on what I think a worse offense is. Its more to keep the dog on its toes so it doesnt just get used to one level of stimuli, so I go up and down on the collar during training, not really a rhyme or reason to it.
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Default Re: Dogtra vs SportDog

Originally Posted by TheDuckSlayer View Post
I admit, I don't use the tone as much as much, I use the vibrate function quite a bit. But, definitely something the dogtra 1900 ncp does not have.
I trained my dog to come back to me using only the tone so I don't have to yell when i'm hunting. I lost the remote on a hunt and the next week until I got a new one was interesting trying to get the dog to come into the house, come to me ext. Should have had a back up plan!
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Default Re: Dogtra vs SportDog

Tri-tronics Pro 550, no problems and holds a charge for a long time.
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Default Re: Dogtra vs SportDog

I bought a Delta XC from, and it does everything I need for just $170. Granted, I'm not nearly as advanced as Gude or Mark but it works for my meat dog.
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