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Default New Dog Problem

Here's the skinny: I have an 8 yr old alpha male Chesadore, and recently got another puppy. Things were great the first month, but the past month the older dog started pissing all over the house. Bear in mind that I've raised him since 7 weeks and have a very strong line of communicating with him. I started by voicing my displeasure, didn't help. Started giving him more attention in case it truly is a jealousy thing, didn't help. Took him to the vet just in case and he checked out fine. Kept pissing, so I started crating him again. No luck. I then moved to physical discipline to no avail on top of 23 hr lockdown.

I feel like he's forcing my hand to a permanent decision and that may or may not be the best answer. I'm looking for feedback, one way or another.
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Default Re: New Dog Problem

is he fixed?
no experience at all with a chessie and pretty limited with a male dog .But my daughter had a unfixed male lab that we would dog sit from time to time. After the first couple times he got to to marking his territory. he was a older dog 6 or 7 at the time. Finally talked her into getting him cut and no problems the last two times at our house.
she's since moved out of state so I don't know if it was a permanent fix.
I assume it was a dominant thing as we have a male dog in the house, that was much younger.
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Default Re: New Dog Problem

Had a similar issue with my chessie. Turned out to be all jealousy/behavior due to my wife being pregnant. The dog was with my parents for about a month after our baby was born and she never had a single issue with peeing inside.
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Default Re: New Dog Problem

Total alpha dog thing...cutting him will do little at this point, at least it didn't with mine. It's just an dominance thing
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Default Re: New Dog Problem

Agreed with the dominance issue. I would start rolling him over and holding until he calms down just to realign his worldview. Chessies tend to need consistent, low key correction, over-doing it will tend to turn the issue into a battle.
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Default Re: New Dog Problem

I'm sorry that it's become an issue, Trevor.
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