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Default Re: Need some puppy advice

A good breeder wouldn't let pups go @ 5½ weeks...used to be @ 6 weeks, now it seems they keep them til 7-8 weeks. My last 2 dogs I picked up @ 7½-8 weeks and neither pup made a sound while crate training at night. My first dog I picked up right at 6 weeks and had a week+ of constant whining....not sure he was completely weened yet. I would go first before the other 2 pick their pups and tell them I'll see you in a week n half like others have said, or bail on the whole thing a find somebody that will keep until 7 weeks. My 2¢
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Default Re: Need some puppy advice

I don't know shit about pups so take this as it's worth. One of my best friends bought a beagle this summer and I was at his place most of the first weekend they had it.

The pup was picked up at 5-5 1/2 weeks. It bawled that entire weekend and until this day it's a little nipping sob. It has some other obedience issues, but the main one is that it will not quit nipping when you play with it. His older beagle didn't have this issue and after reading this thread I'm wondering if most of it's problems are from being taken home too early.
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Default Re: Need some puppy advice

As everyone else has said, I wouldn't take your pup that young. I'd wait at least until 7 weeks, 8 if you can.
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Default Re: Need some puppy advice

Just a thought. You might want to see if any pups will be staying with the breeder until they are 7 weeks besides yours. From your message it sounds like there may be. I have often seen where you can't have the mother around the pups after they are weaned (usually around 5 weeks) for a couple of weeks as the mother tries to dry up her milk.

If no other pups will be left there besides yours past the 24th, and it will not be interacting with the mother, you might have another big decision on your hands.

Please keep in mind we are just trying to help. None of us have been perfect dog owners, dog trainers, or produced a perfect pup, but as mentioned earlier just try to stack all the odds you can in your favor. Be consistent, spend as much as time as you can with it, praise the heck out of it, and it will be the dog of your dreams....and don't be afraid to ask for help. Pups are a LOT of work, but worth it!!
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