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Chris Wearmouth
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Default Re: Thursday's movement

Shot 1 man limit of greenheads tonight in the field by myself. Birds started feeding around 1:30 here.
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Default Re: Thursday's movement

Pretty good push of ducks in eastern Iowa.
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Default Re: Thursday's movement

Won't be getting out till next week - gotta kill deer this weekend - hope some stick around for the after party
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Default Re: Thursday's movement

Originally Posted by TOYE View Post
Up here the swans are in flocks up to 100+. Starting around our deer they start migrating to the east coast. It's crazy, I live 30 miles from the river and I see more migrating swans over my house than geese.
I've been up there once to see the Tundra Swans stage on the river - pretty cool sight!
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the frugal fowler
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Default Re: Thursday's movement

Did anyone notice the duck migration Wednesday evening when the fog lifted? I think most the mallards flew over not able to see where to land in the dense fog.

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Default Re: Thursday's movement

Heard the geese flying over Stuart last night about 8:00 p.m. hoping to duck hunt one more time this weekend if I can find any open water.
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Default Re: Thursday's movement

Wednesday evening numerous birds headed south. Yesterday, I only saw a few flocks of snows pushing south. I'm staying inside today...
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Default Re: Thursday's movement

sl have a good number of canads here,, center lake has the pumps on, so long as no one shoots them off the resting ice we should still have geese to shoot
Spirit Lake, Iowa
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