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Default Predator Hunting Help.

Good afternoon guys and maybe one or two ladies,

Since there is a lack of ducks and pheasants around here (Cedar Rapids) and seeing Coyotes just hanging out on the side of the interstate in the middle of the day...I figure I'll help out the local ducks and pheasants by thinning out the Yote population. However, I need help. I have never hunted coyotes nor even seen a dvd on how guys hunt them.

I need a list of what someone should have when going out to put a hurting on the coyotes, coons, foxes, bobcats ect...what set up do more guys use...guns, scopes, calls, decoys ect?

I am starting from scratch, so I don't even own a rifle yet. But will, just not sure what

Any help is MORE than appreciated.

Any help would be GREAT!!!
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Default Re: Predator Hunting Help.

We have fun time shooting yotes in the dead of winter in an open field or next to a timber. That time of year they are easier to hunt because they are getting hungry and will come in close. We use a HS Preymaster electronic caller and rabbit tail for movement. If you don't want to spend the money on white camo get white UVEX suits. Sit back and let em come in. I shoot remmington 243, my wife shoots the 30-06.
I have several friends who likes to run them with dogs and that gets pretty intense as well!
Levi and Jessica Taylor

2012 season
nothing yet
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Default Re: Predator Hunting Help.

kboock go down to scheels in coralville they have all kinds of vidios and calls.
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Default Re: Predator Hunting Help.

Get a call, electronic works best, but mouth calls are great also. Get ya a MOJO critter, great attractor. Camo? I just figure it out as i go.

Levi, I mite get a hold of ya some time, I'm originally from Eddyville, and will be back in the area ALOT around Thanksgiving and end of Dec.
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